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Watson Forestry Service is a small company based out of Peterborough and the Kawartha’s, offering services throughout cottage country, including the Bancroft and Haliburton areas. The company is owned and operated by Mark Watson, an associate member of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association, a certified tree marker, and a ministry approved managed forest plan approver.

Founded in 2020, the company provides forest management services on crown land and in Algonquin Park in addition to private land consulting. Our mission is to delivery the highest quality forestry services, and to preserve and promote forest health for the future generations. Mark has experience in short and long term forest management planning, implementing sustainable harvesting techniques, forest rehabilitation, tree planting, trail construction, firewood cutting and running a maple syrup operation. Whatever your forestry needs are, you can be confident that we will get the job done.

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Based out of Peterborough and the Kawartha’s

Offering services throughout cottage country