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Watson Forestry is a local company operating out of Peterborough & the Kawarthas focused on sustainable forestry practices. We provide expertise in woodlot management, from small recreational properties to large scale working forests. The company owner and operator, Mark Watson, is an associate member of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association, so you can be confident in the delivery of the highest quality service.

We work with landowners to develop a forest management plan tailored to their property, allowing them to take advantage of the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program. With property tax reductions of 75% on the forested portions, this approach can save thousands over the years!

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Sustainable Forestry

We are committed to sustainable forestry practices that prioritize the long term health and well-being of our forests. We work tirelessly to ensure that our harvesting methods are environmentally responsible and that our forests continue to provide a wealth of benefits for generations to come.

Tree Marking

If your harvest is desired or recommended on your woodlot, tree marking is a tool to ensure that the harvest is sustainable, the woodlot goals are achieved, and the forest values are protected. Tree marking involves carefully selecting the trees to be harvested and retained. Often low quality, or trees of declining health are selected to be removed, while the remaining trees are left standing to regenerate the forest, and to improve over time.

Forest Management Planning

Landowners who undergo a forest management planning process are eligible for a significant property tax reduction (75% on the forested portions of the property). We will work with landowners on the creation of a plan that works for them, helping to determine their management goals and activities that will help to achieve them.

Professional Forestry Services

As a professional forester, I develop quality harvesting plans and assist landowners with creating forest management plans for the Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program. I am a ministry certified managed forest plan approver, and as a member of the Ontario professional foresters association, you can be sure I will deliver top quality work.

Harvesting & Forestry Services

If a commercial harvest is desired or recommended, we can assist in marketing your woodlot, finding a reputable logger, and reviewing contracts to ensure a fair deal for both parties. I can also oversee the implementation of the harvest to ensure that your goals are met, and the forest values are protected, and the terms of the contract are upheld.

Inventory and Mapping

Own a property and not sure what types of trees you have, if they are healthy or have value? I can help you identify your forest, map out “compartments” and determine what values you have. I can also help give you an idea about what the timber value is on your property, and how to best manage it.

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About Us

Watson Forestry Service is a small company based out of Peterborough and the Kawartha’s, offering services throughout cottage country, including the Bancroft and Haliburton areas. The company is owned and operated by Mark Watson, an associate member of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association, a certified tree marker, and a ministry approved managed forest plan approver.

Founded in 2020, the company provides forest management services on crown land and in Algonquin Park in addition to private land consulting. Our mission is to delivery the highest quality forestry services, and to preserve and promote forest health for the future generations. Mark has experience in short and long term forest management planning, implementing sustainable harvesting techniques, forest rehabilitation, tree planting, trail construction, firewood cutting and running a maple syrup operation. Whatever your forestry needs are, you can be confident that we will get the job done.

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